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LuxXPrime was created by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) with the vision of making it smooth and secure for private and professional investors to trade retail-sized bonds. With the help of its Prime Liquidity Provider, EUWAX AG, LuxXPrime provides firm prices and the increased liquidity needed to achieve the tightest spreads.

This results in the efficient trading of LuxXPrime’s securities on LuxSE’s fast and reliable bond trading platform.

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Quality market data at investors fingertips

LuxXPrime brings quality market data straight to investors’ screens, allowing them to garner a better view of the bond market. Explore LuxSE’s historical bond prices as well as monthly or annual performance statistics to build a better bond trading strategy.
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What makes LuxXPrime different?

LuxXPrime is the dedicated bond universe of LuxSE. As such, it allows investors to benefit from a bond trading platform built using industry expertise, as well as LuxSE’s stable, secure and trusted environment which ensures the highest level of transparency for investors. As an integral part of LuxSE, LuxXPrime shares its strong culture of efficiently servicing a global customer base with the help of LuxSE’s international and multilingual customer support.

LuxXPrime guarantees a smooth bond trading process with the help of its 3 pillars:

Competitive spreadsLuxXPrime’s Prime Liquidity Provider, EUWAX AG, facilitates bond trading with a strong presence in the order book during trading hours in order to offer the tightest spreads.
Firm pricesLuxXPrime’s high liquidity creates greater price stability for investors and issuers. By being committed to buying and selling bonds on a continuous basis at prices displayed in real time, EUWAX AG allows LuxXPrime to provide firm prices throughout the trading day. This means that the price that is displayed on LuxXPrime is also the price at which immediate execution is possible.
Quality retail-sized tradingLuxXPrime caters to trading brokers and investors who are looking for attractive prices on retail-sized investments. These parties also benefit from the secure and regulated environment of LuxSE.

Our Aim

To provide smooth and secure bond executions for retail and professional investors through a dedicated, stable and liquid bond trading platform facilitated by LuxSE.

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