Stay up-to-date with the latest FNS notices, suspensions and newly added and removed securities on LuxXPrime.

Investors can filter by issuer and publication date to get the notices most relevant to their trading strategy.

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FNS Notices

The Financial News Service (FNS) is a tool created by LuxSE, which is designed to make the publication and dissemination of notices, announcements and press releases easier for issuers. 

Via the FNS service, investors can consult all notices from LuxSE issuers and further LuxSE announcements relating to LuxXPrime issuers.

Latest Suspensions

The suspension of instruments on LuxSE and therefore on LuxXPrime may be carried out for a number of reasons.  

Within LuxXPrime’s latest suspension category, investors can view instruments that have been suspended by LuxSE over the last three trading days.

New Securities

The list of bonds available for trading on LuxXPrime is constantly growing. To stay up-to-date with new additions to LuxXPrime, investors can consult the new securities tab in order to find out about new securities.

Removed Securities

The removal of a security from LuxXPrime may be carried out when a security is delisted from LuxSE or if the Prime Liquidity Provider no longer quotes said security.

To learn more about securities that will be removed from LuxXPrime over the coming days, investors can consult the removed securities tab.

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