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LuxXPrime is the perfect destination at which investors – both private and professional - can improve their retail-sized investment strategies with its up-to-date market data and real-time prices.
LuxXPrime: The home of retail-sized investment

LuxXPrime was born out of a desire to meet the needs of both private and professional investors looking to explore retail-sized bond trading. LuxSE trading members, all of whom are professional investors, such as brokers and investment firms, are granted access to perform bond trading on LuxXPrime.

For private investors

Find the right broker

For private investors looking to utilise LuxXPrime’s service offering, trading can be facilitated via an intermediary LuxSE trading member on their behalf. Via this intermediary, orders can be placed no matter where in the world the investor is located.

Browse LuxSE’s list of members to find the best choice and benefit from tight spreads and firm prices of LuxXPrime.

For professional investors

Become a LuxSE trading member

Access to LuxXPrime is granted to members of LuxSE. Therefore, in order to trade directly, professional investors can apply to become a member.

For further details, visit the ‘Become a Member’ page to find out more. Alternatively, professional investors may also use a broker as an intermediary.

What are the key benefits of bond trading on LuxXPrime?

LuxXPrime is a bond trading platform dedicated to retail-sized debt securities. All bond trades carried out on LuxXPrime are processed through Euronext’s OPTIQ platform, which provides members with state-of-the-art trading technology.

A partnership with EUWAX AG, LuxXPrime’s Prime Liquidity Provider, also helps to create a fully transparent, highly efficient and stable bond trading platform for LuxSE members.

LuxXPrime is the ideal location to build a better bond trading strategy as it guarantees firm prices, tight spreads and a high level of liquidity on retail-sized investments. 

What is the minimum size of a transaction?

LuxXPrime caters to retail-sized investments of varying sizes. While the average size of a retail-sized order is EUR 25,000, many transactions are smaller. The minimum order for each bond is set out in the respective bond’s prospectus.

Why should I trade at an exchange?

Traditionally, bonds are often traded OTC (Over the Counter) in unregulated environments that lack proper transparency. However, investors who choose to trade at an exchange will benefit from market surveillance, real-time monitoring and supervision.

As part of LuxSE, which has been a trusted and well-established pillar of the financial industry since 1928, LuxXPrime offers increased transparency and stability. This allows investors to have access to fully transparent data and thus be in full control of their investment strategy.

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