Real-time bond data & statistics

In order to create and execute an effective bond trading strategy, investors need access to up-to-date data relating to the market.

Get real-time market data with LuxXPrime

For investors that want to keep their finger on the pulse of the bond market, LuxXPrime allows them to do so by providing real-time data on investments.

Investors can explore monthly historical bond rates and year-to-date performance through LuxXPrime to gather quality data and build a better fixed-income trading strategy.

Access to transparent, quality data in real-time is crucial to making informed trading decisions. LuxXPrime’s robust market data is freely accessible for trading purposes and can be made available to the clients of LuxSE trading members, to help them make better-informed investment decisions.

As a source of quality data, LuxXPrime brings better real-time information to investors’ screens and grants them the opportunity to

  • Access bond spreads and yields
  • Identify trends and opportunities in investments
  • Get market updates
  • Make fast and more informed decisions. 

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