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(In relation to trading members of LuxSE)

Only an authorised trading member of LuxSE is able to enter an order into the LuxSE trading system. This gives trading members the unique vantage point of being able to trade the securities on LuxSE’s Official List. Being a trading member of LuxSE enables firms to offer their clients the opportunity to access to the LuxSE marketplace, therefore further their trading opportunities.

Applications to become a trading member are approved by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange's Board of Directors.  LuxSE trading members may also register as a Market Maker or Liquidity Provider in any listed security. Market Makers/Liquidity Providers must enter and maintain two-sided quotations on the trading system, with quotations at least in the minimum quoted size for the security, as specified by LuxSE. At LuxSE, trading members can be either brokers, dealers or broker-dealers.

Please consult our trading members’ list: Members

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