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LuxXPrime was built by LuxSE team members, meaning that trading is granted to trading members of LuxSE in order to uphold the guarantee of secure trade executions and transparency.

Professional investors can take advantage of LuxXPrime’s services by applying to become a trading member of LuxSE via the ‘How to Become a Member’ page.

Private investors or non-members of LuxSE may also trade on LuxXPrime via an intermediary LuxSE trading member. 

A full list of our members can be found below:

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For professional investors wishing to become an authorised trading member of LuxSE – and therefore trading member on LuxXPrime – more information regarding how to submit an application can be found on LuxSE’s website.

To find out more about how to become an authorised trading member of LuxSE, visit the ‘How to Become a Member’ page where a step-by-step process can be found.

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