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For professionals wishing to become a member of LuxXPrime, they must first become a LuxSE trading member. This application process is split into two procedures:

1. Administrative Procedure

a) The applicants must first fill out LuxSE’s three admission forms:

  • Admission form for member x1
  • Admission form for the authorised, responsible person x2


b) The applicant must then return the completed and signed admission forms to along with the following documents:  

For the company to be admitted
•   Copy of the company's most up-to-date Articles of Incorporation
•   List of the company's Board of Directors
•   List of the company's executive committee (or equivalent body)
•   Annual reports and accounts of the last three years
•   Detailed description of the activities with regard to securities
For the Authorized and Responsible Person
•   Copy of the ID card (or passport)
•   Short professional CV
•   Copy of the relevant document or rules that grants power and
    authority to the Authorised or Responsible Person

After a compliance check, LuxSE’s Executive Committee and Board will approve this file.

Once all of the above procedures have been carried out and approved, LuxSE can welcome the applicant as a trading member.

2. Technical Procedure

a) LuxSE work together with several industry experts to carry out trade activities and technical configuration:

  • Euronext configures access to the OPTIQ trading platform and gives access to SATURN, a web solution for regulatory reporting services
  • LCH S.A. in Paris is responsible for Clearing
  • Euroclear is responsible for Settlement
  • An Independent Software Vendor (if needed) provides software or facility management solutions that grants access to LuxSE’s trading system
  • Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) provides access to the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI)


b) If the above-mentioned points are all in place, the first tests are carried out on OPTIQ’s Test Platform. Together with LuxSE’s Markets & Surveillance team, trading simulations will be performed.

Once all tests have been carried out successfully, trading members go live.

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