What is LuxXPrime?

The home of retail-sized bond trading

LuxXPrime is a bond trading platform dedicated to retail-sized orders.

As an integral part of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), LuxXPrime provides investors with a stable and secure trading platform. With the full support of LuxSE and its partners, LuxXPrime guarantees increased protection to traders through market surveillance, real-time monitoring and supervision of all trading activity.

LuxXPrime’s Prime Liquidity Provider, EUWAX AG, provides LuxSE trading members with the guarantee of firm prices and the ability to trade with ease throughout the trading day. It is through this state-of-the-art service offering and high levels of liquidity that LuxXPrime provides investors with a superior platform with reliable bond trade execution. 

The past, present and future of LuxXPrime

The past, present and future of LuxXPrime

LuxXPrime was created by LuxSE and its expert team with the aim of making it straightforward and secure for private and professional investors to trade retail-sized bonds.

To create the best experience for its member, LuxXPrime:

  • Relies on a stable and secure trading platform, facilitated by LuxSE
  • Benefits from a cohesive partnership with EUWAX AG, its Prime Liquidity Provider

It is with these two key elements in place that LuxSE members benefit from the best spreads and secure trading facilities available on LuxXPrime, therefore creating value for private and professional investors.

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What's in a name?

Let's break down the Lux-X-Prime name:
Lux - stands for Luxembourg
X – stands for exchange and the great variety of instruments on offer at LuxSE
Prime - stands for the quality and uniqueness of LuxXPrime’s offering

The driving forces of LuxXPrime

The driving forces of LuxXPrime

As a fully operational unit of LuxSE, LuxXPrime carries the core values of the exchange – Innovation, Excellence, Transparency and Commitment – as building blocks on which it has built a safe and secure trading destination. 

Without commitment, LuxXPrime would not have been possible. The team’s commitment to the initiative drives innovation and strengthens LuxSE’s desire for a more transparent market. This therefore leads to a level of excellence that is reflected at all stages of the trading process. 

These values drive LuxSE to provide accessible market data and constantly strive for new and improved services for members.

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Getting started on LuxXPrime

Trading on LuxXPrime is limited to LuxSE registered members, namely professional investors or brokers. However, this is not to say that only professional investors can benefit from LuxXPrime.

For private (or individual) investors looking to take advantage of LuxXPrime’s service offering, trading can be facilitated through an authorised LuxSE trading member. 

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